Besides camping, there are many uses for camping chairs these days. Whether I’m sitting on my back porch enjoying a nice fall day or out tailgating before a local sporting event, I always have mine with me. Having my own portable folding chair ensures I’m never left standing.

This brings me to the Coleman Quad Camping Chair with cooler. Coleman is a well-known for manufacturing outstanding camping gear, and their Quad Camping Chair with Cooler does anything but disappoint. It folds up nicely making it easy to carry anywhere and weighs just over 10 pounds. At a quick glance you might think this is just your standard camping chair, but Coleman adds a few features to make this chair a real winner.

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The Coleman Quad Camping Chair is over sized and allows the height of the armrests to be adjusted making it highly comfortable. The extra-large seat supports up to 325 pounds and besides the comfort of this chair, my favorite thing has to be the built-in cooler! It easily holds 2 to 4 cans of your favorite tasty beverage along with an icepack to keep them super cold, cutting down the number of trips you make back and forth to the cooler. Plus if your friends are anything like mine, there is always someone in the bunch utilizing the community cooler as their own “camping chair” making it difficult to access at times.  Something else worth mentioning is the fact this chair has a 13-by-9-inch program holder to store some of your personal items and cannot forget the mesh cup holder.

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With all these features and the amazing price, this Coleman folding chair really is a no brainer. I’d recommend packing at least a couple in the trunk of your vehicle at all times. After all, you never know when you or a friend could use a seat!