Folding Camping Stools – Top 5 Best Sellers

Small collapsible, folding camping stools have grown in popularity over the years and are usually called camping stools. While camping stools do not normally have the features of a camping chair, they do serve many functions. They are lighter, more compact and can also double as footrests or small tables. Hikers and backpackers strap them […]

Best Folding Beach Chair: How to Choose

The white sand beaches of Florida’s Emerald Coast are my favorite places to be; yet I’m not fortunate enough to live near the beach. I live in a landlocked state so my girlfriend and I only have the opportunity to visit the Sunshine State once a year during our summer vacation. Like myself, many of […]

Folding Adirondack Chair Guide

Adirondack chairs have grown in popularity over the past few years. They were originally constructed of flat boards which made for hard and uncomfortable chairs. Modern Adirondack chairs are designed with a rounded back and a contoured seat. These two changes made the Adirondack as comfortable as any other modern folding chair. Not all Adirondack […]

Best Hammock Comparison Guide

Do you want to experience true comfort while on your camping trip or outdoor adventure? Nothing beats a hammock…they are easily transported and durable, lasting many years. Hammocks conform to the shape of your body regardless of what position you are sitting or lying. For your convenience, I have picked the following 5 hammocks without […]