The white sand beaches of Florida’s Emerald Coast are my favorite places to be; yet I’m not fortunate enough to live near the beach. I live in a landlocked state so my girlfriend and I only have the opportunity to visit the Sunshine State once a year during our summer vacation. Like myself, many of other Americans who love the ocean also treasure every available moment spent, simply because our time there is extremely limited.

One of the most popular accessories for beach-goers is the ‘folding beach chair’. Decisions concerning folding beach chairs are one of the most crucial because the very core of your vacation and overall enjoyment can hinge on which folding beach chair you buy.

I’ll use one of our chairs, the USA made Telescope Casual Original Mini-Sun Chaise Folding Beach Arm Chair shown below as an example. Not only does this chair have an integrated towel rack, it comes with a high back and a low seat for added comfort. This folding beach chair is available in a plethora of vibrant colors and patterns with two cups holders. Or if you prefer, Telescope Casual also offers a version without cup holders. The solid wood armrests provide an attractive contrast to add to the distinct looks of this folding beach chair. An optional matching fabric canopy top and convenient storage side bag are available separately and can further add to your overall enjoyment on the beach.

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Whether you decide to buy the Mini-Sun Chaise or another popular beach chair, be sure to find out what material is used. Fabrics like nylon or polyester can cause excessive perspiration or ‘stickiness’ and materials like canvas or mesh allow for the skin to breathe in higher temperatures.

The Tommy Bahama backpack cooler folding beach chair comes complete with a small drink cooler and not only does it recline, but it has an integrated pillow and towel rack.

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One Amazon reviewer says, “This is the best chair we have ever bought. Sturdy, fold down head bar, and headrest are features we really like. Seat height is a little higher than any other ones we have bought that recline flat and we like that. Backpack straps for easy transport to the beach. Would recommend to any beach goer!”

As you can see by the review above, “This is the best beach chair we have ever bought.” However, we are all different and we need to choose folding beach chairs accordingly. Climates, seasons, activities, body mass and many other factors play into a decision like this.

Beach chairs are ever present on seashores and tourist spots near any body of water. Choosing the best beach chair for you is something that only you can do for yourself and like any other purchase, you’ll want to do a little research beforehand. My biggest piece of advice would be to always read other customers comments and reviews about an individual chair; they can actually be more useful than the manufacturer’s description.

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