campingHello my name is Dave and thanks for checking out my website. I’ve been hunting, fishing and camping all of my life and I know what it means to be able to enjoy a comfortable place to sit and relax. Although no camping or folding chair is perfect in any way, my goal is to help everyone enjoy their precious time spent outdoors.

In this world of technology and digital devices, in my opinion, none of us spend enough time outdoors and I wanted to make mention of my two favorite folding chairs.

The first and cheapest of the two chairs is the Strathwood Anti-Gravity Recliner. My girlfriend bought one of these last year for about $50 and it’s incredibly comfortable. This camping chair has an almost infinite number of back and leg positions and I fell in love with it the very first time I sat down.

The second and more expensive of my favorite camping chairs is the Blue Ridge Backpack Chair. Out neighbor’s have a set of these chairs and not only are they attractive and durable, but very comfortable. They will cost you around $130 but if you can afford it, I strongly recommend them.