Discover the Best Camping Chairs – Ultimate Folding Chair Comparison Guide!

Do you consider yourself an outdoorsman? Do you enjoy fishing, camping or just relaxing at a neighbor’s barbecue? Chances are, like myself, you’ve gotten stuck with a folding chair that was very uncomfortable or so poorly constructed that it was downright dangerous.

Since you are reading this, you must have at least some interest in finding the best camping chairs or perfect folding chairs for your outdoor activities. Everyone has their own personal preferences as to what is considered the best camping chair and we have provided this chart in an effort to help you avoid further frustration.

The following chart provides you with the information to compare 15 of the most popular camping and folding chairs. These particular 15 chairs have been carefully chosen for their popularity and reputation. Included in this chart are…

  • Best Camping Chairs by Brand and Name/Model
  • Camping Chair Pictures
  • Features – This can include cup holders, foot rests, built-in coolers or sunshades.
  • Camping Chair Material and Construction
  • Weight – This is the manufacturers suggested maximum weight rating.
  • Price – These are approximate prices on These can change frequently but generally speaking $ = under $25, $$ = $25-$50, $$$ = $50-$100 and $$$$ = over $100.
  • Ratings and Reviews – These are based a 0-5 scale on customer reviews from and can be very helpful during your decision process.

The Best Camping Chairs Comparison Guide and Key

Camping Chairs
Construction Material
Fabric Material
Max Weight (pounds)
Coleman Quad Camping Chair with Cooler
over-sized / paddedsteelpolyester325$$4.5
Blue Ridge Backpack Camping Chair
recliner w/ shoulder strapshardwoodpolyester275$$$$5.0
Picnic Time Portable Recliner Camping Chair

3-position reclining back steelpolyester300$$$4.0
Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Camping Chair
mesh seat backsteelpolyester300$$4.5
Kelsyus Original Canopy Camping Chair
carry bag converts into shaded canopysteelpolyester250$$4.0
Ciao! Baby Portable Travel High Chair
travel camping chair for babiessteelpolyester50$$$4.5
Alps Mountaineering Camp Chair
Ming's Mark Stylish Folding Director's Chair
side-table w/ cup holderaluminumnylon400$$$4.0
Sport-Brella Recliner Folding Camping Chair
footrest & sunshadesteelnylon250$$$4.5
WearEver LR-5 Backpack Lounger Folding Chair
4-position recliner w/ shoulder straps steelpolyester250$$4.5
Stansport Apex Deluxe Arm Camping Chair
padded armrestssteelpolyester225$$5.0
Blue Ridge Outdoors Camouflage Folding Camping Chair
Kijaro Sling Folding Camping Chair
detachable pillowsteelpolyester250$$4.0
Telescope Casual Folding Beach Arm Chair
integrated towel rackaluminum/hardwoodpolyester 275$$$$5.0
Strathwood Basics Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliner
trampoline-style suspensionsteeltextilene250$$$4.0

Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs and Portable Folding Chairs

Camping chairs are portable, light-weight and can be surprisingly comfortable. The frame of almost any modern outdoor folding chair will be constructed using steel, aluminum or hardwood. A canvas or fabric such as nylon or polyester is stretched, stitched or woven in such a way so that when opened, it makes a chair in the form of a seat and a back.

Folding chair from the Tomb of Kha Deir el Medina Egypt ca 1400Portable folding chairs have been used since the 14th century in Greece, Egypt and Rome. They were usually constructed using a combination of wood and dowel rods or lashings.

Modern camping chairs started becoming popular with outdoors man in the United States during the 1980′s. Prior to this, the alternative meant sitting on the ground, cinder block, fallen log; or even worse, using one of those stamped sheet-metal folding chairs like you might see at wedding receptions.

Currently, portable folding chairs are usually called camping chairs or fishing chairs and can be found almost anywhere. Wal-Mart, Dollar General and even your local supermarket probably has them in stock. Unfortunately, more than half of these are cheaply made, using flimsy die-cast steel and hollow rivets. These camping chairs are usually sold for $7.95 to $14.95, and will be lucky to get you through one season of use.

If you are someone who spends considerable time in the outdoors, sooner or later you will spend some time sitting in a camping chair. Whether kicking back in your yard with a cold drink, fishing with your buddies or camping with your family, I’m sure you’ve come across one of these chairs. Quality equals comfort and a poorly constructed folding chair can ruin a weekend getaway, fishing trip or family vacation.

Each of us is different. I am tall so when I’m shopping for the best camping chair, I look for lumbar support. Someone heavy may need an over-sized chair and someone with sensitive skin may want their chair to come with a sunshade. Also, we each have different sitting positions that we favor and there’s no such thing as the “best camping chair” for everyone.

I’ve tried to design this website to provide everyone with a basic guide and knowledge to make an educated decision when choosing the best camping chair.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Camping Chairs

Factors That You Should Consider When Buying Folding Camping Chairs

Use the factors below as a checklist to help you in your quest for finding the best camping chairs for your fishing, hunting or camping trip.


How big of a chair do you need? Most chairs come in standard sizes but there are a number of models that have been designed with oversize frames. Expect to pay more for them, though. There are also a number of child-sized camping chairs available if you wish your kid to have his very own throne when you go on an outdoor trip.


Weatherproof protection – or at least water-resistant capabilities – and durability should be your topmost concerns when shopping for camping chairs. Common fabrics are polyester and nylon, the best?…probably Textilene. Another factor to consider is the texture. Those with sensitive skin should look for chairs with fabrics that won’t irritate their skin.


There are basically two types of frames used for camping chairs. Some come with side X designs while others have the X-shaped support at the back. Some people prefer the latter type as it gives them a better sense of sturdiness and stability when they lean back against their camping chairs.

Consider the materials used for the frame of your chair. The more expensive ones would be made purely of aluminum or wood. Aluminum provides against rust and wood would mean having to bear just a little bit extra weight; but it promises greater durability as well.


Folding camping chairs come in a variety of colors and designs and since they won’t affect your comfort in any way, you can choose in whichever you want. Stains won’t show as easily with darker-colored chairs while neutral shades would blend more easily with the background. Then again, there are also some models that come in beautiful pastel and fun colors like pink and orange if you wish for something fashionable.


Most foldable chairs come with their own backpacks or hand-carry or body bags. If you already have a backpack, another form of packing or case for your camping chair would be ideal.


Think armrests and cup holders, padded seats and back, and extra storage space. Do you need one or all? How about a canopy for shade?


Finally, low end folding camping chairs won’t come with warranties but higher-end models may even offer you a lifetime warranty.